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Sydney Kamlager is the leading Democratic candidate for California’s 30th Senate District in Los Angeles. Currently she represents the 54th Assembly District.



#WINNING! CA Assemblymember @sydneykamlager declared victory in the state Senate race, but our Center South location won her heart. #SouthLA #LGBT #LGBTQ #ally READ MORE:

Heading into the weekend celebrating another remarkable woman! 🎉Congratulations to Senator-elect Sydney Kamlager on her victory in SD30 (Culver City)! 👏🏿@sydneykamlager

Looking forward to seeing more of this dynamic leader in action. Welcome to the CA Senate, @sydneykamlager! #CALeg

California Assemblymember @sydneykamlager (D-Los Angeles) is pushing law to end “slavery” in California’s prisons.

Joined State Senator-elect @sydneykamlager & a coalition to abolish slavery at the introduction of ACA 3: The California Abolition Act to remove involuntary servitude from the California Constitution. No one in our should be forced to perform any labor against their will.

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None of the websites for any of the democratic candidates for tomorrow’s election for District 30 seem to have any mention of LGBTQ rights on their websites. How would someone from the LGBTQ community, like myself, determine where the candidates stand on LGBTQ rights and inclusion if they make no mention of their stance? Where are the endorsements from the HRC? I'm glad to see a post about Trans Awareness Week here on Sydney Kamlager's Facebook page, but it's sadly the only mention of the trans community from a candidate that I've found.After a lot of digging around online, I’ve found that Sydney Kamlager was endorsed by the Stonewall Democratic Club and Equality California, but so far that's it. Unfortunately, just like the websites of your Democratic opponents, there is no mention of making LGBTQ rights, trans rights or even black trans rights a priority alongside the BLM movement that each candidate seems to espouse by outright mentioning or eluding-to on their websites. I personally marched in the BLM protests in Los Angeles because I feel that the LGBTQ community as a whole has to support BLM. It’s too important for us to ignore. So many of our people in the LGBTQ community are part of the African American and Latinx communities as well. So many of them live as a double-minority everyday.It’s my understanding that African American and Latina trans women have been targeted and suffer higher death rates than all other groups under the LGBTQ umbrella. I may not be black, brown, nor trans, but as a former victim of domestic violence, gay-bashing and homophobia, I empathize and feel strongly that their plight is too important to ignore. We have to stand up and support them. We need candidates who will speak out and help to protect trans people and especially trans or non-binary people of color who have felt overlooked for decades. Our legislative representatives need to be more vocal about this. If there's more information available about how Sydney Kamlager supports these communities, then it needs to be shared and it should be more prevalent on her platform.Just last July, Marilyn Cazares, a trans Latina from Bradley California was killed. She is believed to be the 23rd violent US death in 2020 of someone who is trans or gender non-conforming, according to HRC's website. Many more have followed her to the grave since then and have been overlooked. Where is the outcry of our representatives? It's heartbreaking to still hear these stories in 2020. Important social justice changes start at the local level and eventually gain necessary traction to carry over to federal levels for more encompassing change. I found an endorsement from Stonewall Democratic Club and Equality California for State Senate District 30 candidate Sydney Kamlager. As far as I can tell, she's the only one that even has these endorsements. That's a step in the right direction.You'll get my vote because of that, but it's not enough. I have higher expectations for the local candidates because they are the foundation for future candidates on the federal level. I'm just disheartened by the fact that none of these state-level candidates mention LGBTQ rights, or at the very least, a mention of trans rights on their websites... Is this a far-fetched expectation on my part? ...
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3 weeks ago

Sydney Kamlager
No Cop Money CA Happy to sign the pledge, and even happier to be stalwart fighter for reform. It's not what you sign, it's what you do. Auditing the sheriff's departments of Alameda, Los Angeles and Fresno counties, calling out the CDDA for it's gross misallocation of funds, passing Prop 17, reforming probation, mandating the courts to integrate implicit bias training in their curriculum, removing gang enhancements, offering second looks at resentencing, removing slavery from the CA constitution, funding the CRISES ACT for communities across tbe state, and changing how warrants are issued to law enforcement..... that's right, that's me and this is just the beginning. ...
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