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Sydney Kamlager is the leading Democratic candidate for California’s 30th Senate District in Los Angeles. Currently she represents the 54th Assembly District.



Double standard! Ask me why I say that?! Justice reform is more than just the carceral system & law enforcement. It includes judges too.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. showed us how to live with conviction, integrity, and in service to others. I am volunteering today to build on what Dr. King started. Let's make this MLK Day a day of service to others.

With armed protests scheduled for this Sunday, at Capitol across the country.. I remind you that CA is not an open carry state. I would expect those who disobey the law to be arrested. Just sayin'...

Whose law? Whose order?

The CA DA's Assoc. has been misappropriating $$ from court settlements and CAL-EPA grants. This $ was to be used to prosecute corporations for environmental crimes & to protect workers.

CDAA used it to lobby for incarceration.

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1 week ago

Sydney Kamlager
“This past year was a year like no other. We saw people rise up to demand justice in policing, justice for Black and Brown folks, an end to the brutality. COVID-19 hit and our people face job losses, healthcare insecurity, and the loss of loved ones. We need strong,progressive Democratic social systems more than ever. To meet the moment, we must be both bold and compassionate. We’re ready and up to the task. I’m honored to join with the progressive leadership of the California Democratic Party in creating a path to recovery that leaves no one behind.”- Sydney Kamlager California Democratic Party Endorsed Candidate for Senate District 30California Democratic Party endorses Sydney Kamlager for Senate District 30! ...
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1 month ago

Sydney Kamlager
Honored to have the endorsement of my dear friend and LA County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell! I look forward to continuing her work in the CA Senate and to maintaining the diversity of this seat. ...
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Since joining the legislature in 2018, I have been working for you.
And a just new world.




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