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We Deserve a
Community College
System That Works

For those coming from circumstances beyond their control, Community College is the best first step, and the best last chance, for them to change their lives.

With over 2.6 million students, California’s Community Colleges make up the largest higher-education system in the country. The LACCD governs 9 colleges which serve more than 135,000 students in 36 of LA’s cities and communities. More than 50% of these students live below the poverty line.

We Stand With Sydney

Holly J. Mitchell

California State Senator
30th District

“Why Sydney Kamlager? Sound judgement. Proven leader. No nonsense. I know her, I believe in her, and I am standing behind her. She has the experience and the will to get things done.”

Karen Bass

37th Congressional District

“Sydney is a passionate champion for many of our undeserved students and families. She is the right person to lead LACCD to new heights.”

Mike Bonin

Los Angeles City Councilman
11th District

“Sydney is a leader who has spent her career working to raise our neighborhoods’ voices above the noise. I have worked with Sydney for nearly 20 years. She is exceptionally qualified and inspirationally passionate.”

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