I am again running to be your Assemblymember because I love this district. I have worked in public service on behalf of the constituents of this great district for the past eight years, and in services for the district for 15 years. I want to lend my voice to the chorus of progressive leaders in Sacramento who are fighting to make this state more equitable, innovative, and true to its name as the golden state. My extensive work in our community has prepared me to be your representative in the state Capitol.

I am the only candidate in this race with the experience that allows me to hit the ground running once elected. As a policy maker and as a the current Assemblymember, I have the experience. I know how the state works. I have working relationships with other decision makers, stakeholders and community advocates. Many of the policies that I have championed are now in effect throughout the state.

The 54th Assembly District is a diverse microcosm of the state. The 54th holds wealth, poverty, cultural diversity, growth, and amazingly vibrant neighborhoods. It is also a changing district that has attracted more technology companies and jobs. It is home to digital and creative industries alike. I am proud to have paired established companies with well-trained job seekers who have found sustainable careers. I have worked with the Metro Crenshaw Line that promises to bring greater access to the area. I believe in our small business that both respect and enhance our neighborhoods. There is a renewed interest in all parts of the district.

I am running because I believe in the 54th Assembly District. I know the issues, I know the stakeholders, and I am ready to serve you.