For eight years of work as the head of regional management I built the System!

“It becomes clear the desire to keep parents away from the” inner “life of the school as much as possible – believers do not need to know what is being done” behind the scenes “of any religious organization.” Don’t take out the garbage … “,” order in class “,” don’t run “,” form “, … – all this falls into place if you look at the school as a” temple of science “. A temple where one should not “understand” but study where rituals are much more important than the needs of a particular person, where respect must be given not to a particular person for his deeds, but to the “position” itself.

If you look at education in the prosaic plane of the “service sector”, it seems logical questions about the level of training and performance. Of course, the question of the use of “charitable contributions” is quite logical if we talk about education as a service sector.

Now most parents do not want teachers to sow the mythical “smart, kind, eternal”, but to perform professional duties at a high level.

However, in my opinion, education should not be considered as a commodity, because a commodity is what I am guaranteed to receive. Even in the old gymnasium, the fee was not for the result of training, but for the “right to study.” And how could anyone use this right, it was already his problem. Doctors also provide medical “services”, but they do not trade in health.

Proponents of missionary approaches to teaching as a ministry believe that teaching is not a profession but a way of life. The problem is that this way of life leads to professional deformities, in particular to teacher training.

And proponents of the vision of teaching as a service sector emphasize that a teacher is only a profession (as an accountant or an economist), not a way of life. It is not necessary to drive him into the “teacher” framework of behavior for life.

Please provide arguments in favor of both positions.

Teaching should be seen as a ministry, because…

Teaching should be seen as the provision of educational services, because…

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Teachers were kept on a short leash and starved, but the education system did not work that way

V. Gromova: about the “Augean stables” of education

Author: Victor Gromovoy, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

Yes, we all need to perform the sixth feat of Hercules. Remember, this favorite Hellenic hero set about cleaning the Augean stables, which no one had cleaned for 30 years. The spiteful Hera prompted the act not only impossible, but also humiliating even for an ordinary person. But Hercules found an unusual course of action: he broke through the canals from the two mountain rivers Alpheus and Penea to the fence of abandoned stables. The turbulent stream washed away all the manure before sunset, and before the bewildered Augius the stables shone with purity.

However, this feat was not credited to Heracles, because he did not work selflessly, but for a reward (previously agreed with Augius that in the event of this task will take a tenth of his herds). However, Augius, learning that Hercules acted on the instructions of Eurystheus, did not give him a single horse. Therefore, the cleansing of Augean stables, even in the imagination of the ancient Greeks, was an extremely ungrateful thing.

Alpheus and Peneus educational reforms

During the three quarters of a century of Soviet and a quarter of a century of post-Soviet power, so much has accumulated and accumulated in our educational stables that no educational Hercules will “manually” cope with these age layers. As in ancient myth, you need to put into action two powerful streams.

The first stormy river to sweep away a lot of dirt in education is called Svoboda. Therefore, the criterion for the effectiveness of any normative document is whether it expands the boundaries of freedom for all participants in the educational process, or removes at least some barriers to the use of this most important resource for the development of education.

The second turbulent river, which will sweep away all the remaining dirt, is called “Money”. It is the rapid financial flow that automatically eliminates a bunch of irritating topics from extortion from parents to the humiliated position of teachers (money is also freedom and human dignity). As banal as it sounds, money in education is a magician №1.

No need to rake a little shit out of our educational stables. It has accumulated so much that you can’t rake it.

It will disappear “like dew in the sun” as soon as these two main factors of real reforms appear and are launched in full force. Otherwise we will just endlessly fight in shit …

Of course, our educators used to keep on a short “leash” and starvation rations. It’s time to understand: the education system of the new millennium does not work like that!

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The main thing that educators can do is promote change

Viktor Gromovoy: Why is it lower without a vertical?!

Author: Victor Gromovy, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

I just heard a phrase that describes the ideal managerial culture of an educational leader: I sneezed, and I was told “Be healthy” in all schools.

“In eight years of work as the head of the regional department, I built the System! I knew that if a regional program was adopted, it would be clearly implemented. Everything is painted, everyone knows what to do, and we control the execution process. I knew that some posters we published were hanging in all schools in the region… They ruined the easiest thing. For years, I have been building a vertical at the regional level, achieving clear executive discipline…, ”says my colleague.

At first we were the principals of advanced gymnasiums, and then in 2005, in the wake of the Orange Revolution, we became the heads of regional education departments. I “managed” the education of the region for eight months and left there as soon as I saw that the new government was not going to reform education, and the new minister limited himself to the institutionalization of the External Evaluation. He sincerely believed that the social protection of educators would solve all problems: we will start paying more – they will start working better!

So, as Hryhoriy Skovoroda would say, the system “caught me, but didn’t catch me.”

My colleague led the region’s education for eight years, during which time he sincerely believed in the power of the vertical, believing that without the “leading and guiding role” of the educational bureaucracy, “everything will fall apart” and now “out of time “to make some drastic moves.

This is a typical human position of the System. And this is not his fault, this is his trouble, because over the years of being in the “matrix” there is an irreversible process of professional deformation and a critical narrowing of the horizon of perception of educational reality.

What is “horizontal”?! What is responsible teaching?! This is only available at EdCamp.

“You know what stupid school principals we have. Here in our villages, which live” from the forest “, children do not go to school since June, when the berry picking season begins. School principals have the right, but none of them guessed to change the structure of the school year and make, for example, a cranberry vacation in November. And teachers just stupidly write down in the journal the lessons they did not teach … “.

In such a situation, it is impossible to let go of leashes, so the only effective way to treat subordinates in the field of education: to catch up and “cause good”, that is, to give the only correct instruction.

If there is a support for self-development horizontally, the principle of interaction will change: someone in a school sneezes and “Be healthy” is said by all those who provide service to educational institutions. Of course, one sincere wish for health will not be enough for the educational system to begin to recover. Someone will have to be offered a “bitter pill”, someone will need a long course of professional rehabilitation, and somewhere will have to use surgical treatments “

Releasing pedagogical slaves is really risky. If there is no one to say “yes, gay will, what have you become”, they will recover from the learned helplessness for a while.

Initially, “education without a boss” will be on the verge of chaos, but… will soon begin to work fundamentally different mechanisms and incentives for development. There will be responsibility not to the chief, but to the community. If the boss can be easily deceived or flattered, it will be more difficult to manipulate the community.

Education leaders will emerge and leadership will work as a powerful force for change and education development. So, they will be helpless for a while, and then they will start to cope.

So, the main thing that education leaders can do is to promote an environment for change by self-eliminating the management vertical.

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We need tasks that make you think, not just test your ability to remember

Victor Gromova: External evaluation should be different

Author: Victor Gromovoy, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

You will be able to use any gadgets at the next external evaluation. Only in this way we will see the results of modern personalized-gamified-social learning in the new Ukrainian school, in particular, we will monitor the real level of information culture of our graduates and get an idea of ​​their creative potential.

I’m talking about the fact that the external evaluation should be different, with tasks that will require thinking, and not just test the ability to remember a bunch of information junk.

One of the parents of the Ukrainian EIT, Algirdas Zabulionis, writes: “The EIT session has started in Ukraine… This news is passed on by everyone, each highlighting what is more important for him to see.

But I’m sad to watch such a video – is it really the most important thing? Everyone around says that the school should not only teach the student, but also educate the citizen. And here is a direct proof that the second (and probably more important!) Goal has not been achieved … And what’s next in this “direction” – to strip naked, or what? The video would have even more “likes” “

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EIT can be turned into a tool from the arsenal of repressive methods of “improving the quality of education”

V. Gromova: NUS is … plus ZNO-ization of the whole country?

Author: Victor Gromovoy, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

There is a folk saying: make a fool pray to God, so he will break his forehead.

The new Ukrainian school is … plus the external evaluation of the whole country?! Not only that, in the 11th grade there is no educational process as such, but there is only stupid training for external evaluation?! Now let’s send all teachers to tutors to memorize the answers to the standardized tests?!